Directions - European Video Art Screening and Artist Talks
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European Video Art Screenings and Artist Talks
Vlaams Cultuurhuis De Brakke Grond - Amsterdam

Friday 12 and Saturday 13 December 2014
Screenings 10:00 - 20:00 / Artist Talks 20:30 - 23:00

The event will take place during a weekend with screenings in the daytime and artist talks in the evenings. The artist talks will be moderated by curator Lorenzo Benedetti. Lorenzo Benedetti was appointed as curator of the project in July 2013.
The selected films will be on screening in the Rode Zaal of De Brakke Grond (in sequence and in loop).
The first edition of 'Directions' is supported by: Goethe Institut Niederlande (Amsterdam), Italiaans Cultureel Instituut (Amsterdam), Czech Center (Rotterdam), the Embassy of Zwitzerland (Den Haag), Fins Cultureel Instituut - Benelux (Brussel), Embassy of Finland (Den Haag) and Vlaams Cultuurhuis De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam).
This project is supported by the AFK (Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst).

Special Screenings selected by LIMA

LIMA, international platform for sustainable access to media, participates to 'Directions' by presenting a selection of works from its collection. In particular on this first edition LIMA selected two works by Sebastian Diaz Morales (born in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina in 1975): 'Oracle' (2007) and 'Insight' (2012). Filmed in beautifully rendered high definition 'Insight' is a tribute to the camera obscuras of old mingled with a critical spirit directed towards the mass media today. Regarded as a phenomenon brought about by a world lacking distinction between real and simulacra, Diaz Morales borrows media industry tactics to expose and undermine. 'Oracle' confronts us with a seemingly random succession of images. An immobile man, filmed from the back, stares out to the sea. Two goldfish swim in a pond littered with banknotes. A crumpled plastic bag is blown over the street and arrives in the gutter. Clouds from explosions form and dissolve again. Motives of rounded shapes and centrifugal motion are recurrent: a lonely man stands in the centre of a roundabout, a colourful merry-go-round speeds around, a solar eclipse appears several times. These images act as signs; like an oracle, they speak about the future as a continuous extension of the present, without judgement or interpretation.

Daily Screenings

Ruben Bellinkx - 2013

Oakwood Cycle: Oakwood Garden / My Day (Oakwood)
Astrid Nippoldt - 2012/2013

Copies recentes de Paysages Abandones / Petite Histoire des plateaux abbandonnès
Rä di Martino - 2012

Salla Tykkä - 2013

From the Aesthetic Education Secret File
Václav Magid - 2013

Peter Aerschmann - 2014

Special Screenings selected by LIMA

Friday 12 December

Sebastian Diaz Morales - 2007

Saturday 13 December

Sebastian Diaz Morales - 2012

Artist Talks

Friday 12 December

Ruben Bellinkx, Rä di Martino and Salla Tykkä
in conversation with Lorenzo Benedetti.

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Saturday 13 December

Peter Aerschmann, Václav Magid and Astrid Nippoldt
in conversation with Lorenzo Benedetti.

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