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Ruben Bellinkx - Stasis


Ruben Bellinkx

Born in Wilrijk (Belgium) in 1975, lives and works in Bruxelles (Belgium).

On Screening: Stasis
HD colour film, single screen, 12 minutes, continuous projection, no sound - 2013
Courtesy Ruben Bellinkx / Geukens & De Vil

In recent years animals were important actors in the work of Ruben Bellinkx. He made several drawings, installations and films in which animals have a particular relationship with a table, a chair, an object or an architecture. The main issue in these works was the attempt to accustom the animals to a domestic setting; the junction of nature and culture, the visualisation of the tragical interweave of the animal with human culture. (
The Table Turning, 2006, The Musical Chair, 2007, The Trophy, 2010).
In the experimental film
Stasis Bellinkx goes even further.Instead of showing animals in an oppressive domestic situation, several male figures are stuck in a structure within the limits of their possibilities.
In this movie it’s not any longer about the border between nature and culture but about the fading thin line between the object and the subject where the physical conditions of the subject are being questioned.
A table is one of the most essential pieces of furniture in a house; it is an object where people eat, talk, meet, work...
Stasis, anonymous men maintain a strange dialogue with a table which is used in its functional, metaphorical and objective meaning. Although these men cannot eat nor talk it is very obvious a certain kind of dialogue takes place. The presence of each individual is absolutely required to keep the construction/conversation solid and ongoing.
The table as a metaphore for the dialogue becomes a silent matrix for the individual and literal materialisation of the discourse. By showing men in uniform black suites in an undefined dark room lit only by a soft light coming from above, the meeting gets a ceremonial secret character; a solemn and mystic gathering that remains unintelligible for the viewer. It is as if we watch a ritual or seance where men with supernatural gifts dialogue with each other in total silence. The absence of sound enforces the feeling of an indefinable oppressive atmosphere.


2013 ‘Stasis’ Be-Part, Platform For Contemporary Art, Waregem
2013 ‘Museum to scale 1/7’ Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Brussels
2012 ‘Uniquely human’ Geukens & De Vil, Knokke
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2014 ‘Museum to scale 1/7’ The Baker Museum, Artis - Naples, Florida
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2013 ‘Museum to scale 1/7’ Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Brussels
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2013 KASK cinema Ghent
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2011 ‘Commercial Break’ Nuit Blanche Festival New York
2011 ‘Commercial Break’ La Biennale di Venezia, Venice
2008: ‘Out of office’ Code#, Brussel
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